• Geometric group theory: Constructing, studying and classifying (isometric) group actions on hyperbolic spaces, actions on products of hyperbolic spaces,
        quasi-parabolic actions, acylindrical actions and acylindrically hyperbolic groups. and acylindrically hyperbolic groups
  • Model theory: First order theory of countable graphs, first order rigidity.
  • Applications of mathematics to economic theory: Ground water conservation, Impact assessment.



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  • S. Balasubramanya, S. Balasubramanya, A.Mitra; Positive incentives for ground water, In preparation.
  • (Assisted with) S. Balasubramanya, J. Price, T. Horbulyk; Impact assessments without true baselines:assessing the relative effects of training on the performance of water user associations in Southern Tajikistan.Water Economics and Policy (2017), 4(3), pp. 1850007.



    • Groups in Galway meets the Irish Geometry Conference, National University of Ireland,(Invited, Virtual)
    • Group theory seminar, SUNY Buffalo, USA (Virtual)


    • Geometric Group Theory Seminar, WWU Muenster, Germany
    • Geometry and Analysis on Groups Research Seminar, University of Vienna, Austria (Invited)
    • Algebra, Geometry and Topology seminar, Universidad Madrid, Spain (Invited)
    • Geometric Group Theory in East Asia, GGTea webinar (Invited, Virtual)
    • Geometry and Topology seminar, CUNY, USA (Invited, Virtual)
    • Geometry and Topology Seminar, Rice University, USA(Invited, Virtual)
    • Post Graduate Topology Conference, University of Southampton, UK(Invited, Virtual)


    • Advanced seminar on Model Theory and Groups, WWU Muenster, Germany
    • Geometric Structures in Group Theory workshop, MFO Oberwolfach, Germany(Invited, Virtual)
    • Geometric Group Theory conference, CIRM, Luminy France(Invited)
    • Lightning talk, YGGT IX, Saint Jacut-de-la-mer, France


    • Advanced seminar on Model Theory and Groups, WWU Muenster, Germany
    • Geometric Group Theory Seminar, WWU Muenster, Germany
    • WWU Muenster Mathematics department colloquium “Meet the postdocs”, Germany
    • Spring Topology and Dynamics Conference, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA(Invited)
    • Seminar talk, Spelman College, USA(Invited)
    • Geometry Seminar, University of Virginia, USA(Invited)
    • Seminar talk, Furman University, USA(Invited)
    • Topology and Geometric Group Theory Seminar, Cornell University, USA(Invited)
    • Group Theory and Topology seminar, Vanderbilt University, USA(Invited)


    • Lightning Talk, TechTopology Conference, Georgia Tech University, USA
    • AMS Sectional meeting, University of Arkansas, USA(Invited)
    • Geometry–Topology seminar, Duke University, USA (Invited)
    • GANTC (Geometry, Algebra, Number Theory and Combinatorics) seminar, UNC Greensboro, USA
    • WINRS symposium - Mid Atlantic Region, University of Virginia, USA(Invited)
    • Summer Conference on Topology and its Applications, Western Kentucky University, USA(Invited)
    • AMS Sectional Meeting, Vanderbilt University, USA(Invited)
    • Colloquium Series, Gettysburg College, USA(Invited)
    • AMS Special Session on Boundaries for Groups and Spaces, Joint Mathematics Meeting, USA(Invited)
    • AMS Contributed Paper Session on Groups, Joint Mathematics Meeting, USA


    • Geometric Group Theory seminar, Ohio State University, USA(Invited)
    • Algebra seminar, Loyola University, USA(Invited)
    • Geometry and Topology seminar, Graduate Centre, CUNY, USA(Invited)
    • Wasatch Topology Conference, Utah, USA(Invited)
    • yGAGTA Conference, Spain
    • Research Seminar, Women and Math program, IAS, Princeton, USA(Invited)
    • 51st Spring Topology and Dynamics Conference, New Jersey City University, USA(Invited)
    • Geometric group theory on the gulf (G3) conference, Florida, USA(Invited)
    • Group theory and Topology seminar, Vanderbilt University, USA


    • Group theory and Topology seminar, Vanderbilt University, USA
    • Poster presentation, YGGT V, KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany




    • Buildings Conference, Madgeburg, Germany
    • Counting Problems, Ventotene, Italy
    • YGGT X, Newcastle University(Virtual)
    • Modern Leadership is Female, WWU, Germany


    • Topology Postdoc Workshop, Georgia Tech, USA
    • BiMs Seminar, Bielefeld Universitaet, Germany


    • LMU Miniworkshop - Geometric Group Theory, Münich, Germany


    • GAGTA, Spain


    • Beyond Hyperbolicity’, Cambridge University, UK
    • Shanks workshop on Geometric Group Theory, Vanderbilt University, USA


    • Summer school at EPFL -CIB: Probability on graphs and random walks, Switzerland 
    • MSRI Geometric Group Theory Summer Graduate School, MSRI Berkeley, USA

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