Geometric Group Theory, Acylindrical actions, Actions on hyperbolic spaces




  • Spring Topology and Dynamics conference, Special session on Geometric group theory, University of Alabama at Birmingham, March 2019 (Invited)
  • Seminar talk, Spelman College, March 2019 (Invited)
  • Geometry Seminar, University of Virginia, February 2019 (Invited)
  • Seminar talk, Furman University, February 2019 (Invited)
  • Topology and Geometric Group Theory Seminar, Cornell University, February 2019 (Invited)
  • Group Theory and Topology seminar, Vanderbilt University, January 2019 (Invited)
  • TechTopology Conference, Georgia Tech University, Lightning Talk , December 2018
  • AMS Sectional meeting, University of Arkansas, Special Session on Groups in Low-dimensional Topology and Dynamics, II, November 2018 (Invited)
  • Geometry/Topology seminar, Duke University, October 2018 (Invited)
  • GANTC (Geometry, Algebra, Number Theory and Combinatorics) seminar, UNC Greensboro, October 2018
  • WINRS symposium - Mid Atlantic Region, Special session on Combinatorics, University of Virginia, September 2018 (Invited)
  • Summer Conference on Topology and its Applications, Session on Topological methods in Geometric Group Theory, Western Kentucky University, July 2018
  • AMS Sectional Meeting, Vanderbilt University, Special Session on Boundaries and Non-positive Curvature in Group Theory, II, April 2018
  • Gettysburg College Colloquium Series, March 2018
  • Joint Mathematics Meeting, AMS Special Session on Boundaries for Groups and Spaces, II, San Diego, January 2018
  • Joint Mathematics Meeting, AMS Contributed Paper Session on Groups, San Diego, January 2018
  • Geometric Group Theory seminar, Ohio State University, November 2017
  •  Algebra seminar, Loyola University, Chicago, October 2017
  • Geometry and Topology seminar, Graduate Centre, CUNY, September 2017  
  • Wasatch Topology Conference, Midway, Utah, August 2017 
  • yGAGTA 2017, Bilbao, Spain, June 2017
  • Research Seminar, Women and Math program, IAS, Princeton, NJ, May 2017 
  • 51st Spring Topology and Dynamics Conference, New Jersey City University, March 2017
  • Geometric group theory on the gulf (G3) conference, Pensacola, Florida, March 2017
  • Group theory and Topology seminar, Vanderbilt University, March 2017
  • Group theory and Topology seminar, Vanderbilt University, April 2016
  • Poster presentation, YGGT V, KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany, February 2016


  • GAGTA, Bilbao, Spain, June 26 July 7, 2017
  • Beyond Hyperbolicity, Cambridge University, UK, June 20 24, 2016
  • Shanks workshop on Geometric Group Theory, Vanderbilt University, April 24-26, 2016
  • Summer school at EPFL, CIB, Lausanne, Switzerland : Probability on graphs and random walks, August 3 7, 2015
  • MSRI -Geometric Group Theory Summer Graduate School; June 15-26, 2015, MSRI Berkeley

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