• Geometric group theory: Constructing, studying and classifying (isometric) group actions on hyperbolic spaces, actions on products of hyperbolic
        spaces, quasi-parabolic actions, acylindrical actions and acylindrically hyperbolic groups.
  • Model theory: First order theory of countable graphs, first order rigidity.
  • Applications of mathematics to economic theory: Ground water conservation, Impact assessment.



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  • (Assisted with) S. Balasubramanya, J. Price, T. Horbulyk; Impact assessments without true baselines: assessing the relative effects of training on the performance of water user associations in Southern Tajikistan.Water Economics and Policy (2017), 4(3), pp. 1850007.

    RESEARCH WITH UNDERGRADUATES (*denotes an undergraduate coauthor)

  • S.Balasubramanya, G. Burkhalter*, R.Niebler*, R. Shapiro; Property (NL) in Coexter groups; In preparation.
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